Next-generation laser sensors


The optoNCDT 1900 displacement, distance and position sensors are fast, high-performance and designed for small installation spaces. For direct integration into Industrial Ethernet controllers, Micro-Epsilon presents the optoNCDT 1900 series with integrated EtherCAT interface. The processing and output of the measured values is carried out precisely and quickly via integrated high-performance controllers. Two-stage measurement averaging can be used to optimize the signal at edges and steps.

With the integrated Industrial Ethernet interface (EtherCAT), the sensor offers advantages especially for high speed processes and for the networking of several devices and machines. The integration via EtherCAT into a bus system can be carried out according to standard protocols TCP, UDP, FTP and which facilitates the communication. Thanks to direct data output via EtherCAT, the measured values are available in real time. An oversampling function also contributes to fast acquisition of measurement values. This enables data to be recorded or transmitted four times faster than the PLC's query cycle would allow. For a PLC with a cycle time of 1 ms, the measured values can therefore be acquired at 4 kHz.

The sensors operate with intelligent surface control. This enables the sensor to always deliver precise results, even when changing surfaces with different reflective intensity. Ambient light is compensated with up to 50,000 lux.

The optoNCDT 1900 sensors are used in applications that require speed and modern technology at the same time, such as in precision automation, the automotive industry, 3D printing and coordinate measuring machines.


  • Small light spot for the smallest of details
  • High resistance to ambient light
  • Output of measurement values in real time
  • High measuring rate for dynamic processes
  • Intelligent surface control
  • Simple installation and initial operation

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