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kapazitives Messsystem für präzise Abstandsmessung

Innovation: modular, capacitive, multi-channel system with PROFINET interface

The modular capaNCDT 62xx multi-channel system is one of the most modern capacitive systems and stands for modularity, interfaces and precision. The…

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hochpräzise Wafer-Dickenmessung mit interferoMETER

New interferometer for high-precision wafer thickness measurement

The IMS5420-TH white light interferometer opens up new perspectives in industrial thickness measurement of monocrystalline silicon wafers. Due to its…

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Dickenmesssystem für metallische Oberflächen

Highly accurate thickness measuring system for metal surfaces

The new thicknessSENSOR ILD1420LL offers even more precision, above all for thickness measurements of metal objects. The ready-to-use sensor system…

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Portfolio induktive Wirbelstromsensoren

Eddy current sensors: Unmatched precision in industrial applications

Eddy current-based inductive sensors of the eddyNCDT series are characterized by micrometer precision and high levels of performance with maximum user…

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