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Confocal chromatic precision sensor

The IFS2407-1.5 confocal chromatic sensor expands the confocalDT sensor portfolio and is used for high-precision displacement and thickness…

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High-performance 3D snapshot sensor for large measuring ranges

The new surfaceCONTROL 3500-240 3D snapshot sensor expands the 3D sensor portfolio. The new sensor is used for flatness and coplanarity measurement,…

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High performance micrometer for highest requirements

The new optoCONTROL 2700 micrometer offers maximum precision for inline quality assurance. It provides a digital resolution of 10 nm and a linearity…

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Compact and powerful: laser sensors for series applications

The optoNCDT 1220 compact laser sensors are small, precise and fast. With double the measuring rate up to 2 KHz, the sensors now measure even faster.…

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