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Increasing networking in factory and plant automation requires the immediate availability of all relevant operating information. Here, intelligent networking of development, production and logistics is a central challenge. Smart sensors from Micro-Epsilon ensure the optimal integration and networking of machines and processes due to their versatile industry interfaces and evaluation algorithms. Thanks to their high precision, the sensors often replace switches in order to react to events more quickly and accurately.

Profile inspection of parquet flooring and baseboards

Laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon are used for the profile measurement of parquet boards and baseboards. They inspect geometric characteristics such as groove height, gap dimensions and absolute dimensions to ensure homogeneous product quality. …

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Prüfung Profil von Parkettbretter und Leisten

Measuring applied adhesive of tapes, plasters and Band-Aids

To ensure a homogeneous adhesive surface, capacitive displacement sensors measure the thickness of the adhesive on adhesive tapes and medical plasters. Capacitive sensors allow one-sided thickness measurement. Depending on the system structure,…

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Messung Klebeauftrag bei Klebebändern und Pflastern

Monitoring the vertical alignment of high-bay racks

Fully automated high-bay warehouses often take on enormous dimensions. Lengths of around 80 m and heights of around 50 m can be achieved. Precise alignment of the racks is crucial for the fully automatic supply and removal of the stored goods.…

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Überwachung vertikale Ausrichtung Hochregallager

Filling level measurement on a barrel pump

For this measurement task, the barrel stands on the platform of the hydraulic press. There is one hydraulic cylinder each on the left and right. Both cylinders are connected to each other by a cross beam. In the middle of this is a piston which…

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Füllstandsmessung Fasspumpe

Recognizing color nuances and materials of screw nuts

For this measurement task, the controller is used together with the CFS3-A11 reflex sensor. Beforehand, the sensor is adjusted once to the brightest target, in this case a zinc nut. The nuts are transported on a vibrating conveyor and then…

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Erkennung Farbunterschiede und Materialien bei Muttern

Thickness measurement of black rubber webs

Rubber mats for the structure sealing must exhibit a specified thickness for durability and tear resistance. The thickness of the films is measured directly after the extrusion. The optoNCDT 1750 sensors used measure the distance to the rubber…

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Dickenmessung schwarze Gummibahnen

Presence detection of small parts

In assembly processes, incoming components are inspected using Micro-Epsilon fiber optic sensors. Recognizing missing SMT components enables a smooth assembly process. Their flexible design allows for the optoCONTROL CLSK probe heads to be…

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Erfassung und Prüfung der Anwesenheit von Kleinteilen

Automated machining of workpieces

Micro-Epsilon scanCONTROL laser profile scanners are ideal for machine integration and automation due to their high accuracy, compact design and universal application options. In addition to a powerful laser profile scanner for the detection of…

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Automated processing of workpieces

Dimension control of beams

For thickness and width measurement of plates, planks and beams, two optoNCDT laser sensors are used.If this arrangement is complemented by further sensors, one synchronized measurement process can combine the inspection of torsion with control…

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Dicken- bzw. Breitenmessung von Balken

Inline detection of protective film on PVC window frames

Company „Schüco“ manufactures PVC window frames. The PVC profiles are provided with a protective film after they are extruded. This film protects the frames from scratches and dirt. The colorCONTROL ACS7000 color measurement system checks if the…

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Prüfung der Folie auf Fensterrahmen

Inspection of plate position

When printing woods with decors, optoCONTROL micrometers are used to control the positions of the plate. This prevents the printing head from colliding with the plate. These laser micrometers measure directly on wood and monitor the tools. …

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Lasermikrometer für die Werkzeugüberwachung

Orientation of wooden boards

In fully automated sawmills, the position of wooden boards before sawing must be determined so that they can be cut precisely. Micro-Epsilon laser displacement sensors detect the position of the boards from two sides and output the board position…

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Lagebestimmung von Holzbrettern

Calibrating robot axes

Industrial robots have become indispensable in modern production facilities due to their reliability and high speed. During set up and also at regular intervals within the scope of quality assurance, the robot axes must be adjusted. Here,…

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Kalibrierung und Justierung von Roboterachsen

Inspection of wood floorboard relief

Laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon are used to inspect wood reliefs. They check the groove depth and provide reliable measurement results regardless of the type of wood.

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Laserscanner zur Überprüfung des Reliefs von Terassenholz

Robot calibration using optical sensors

In order to achieve fully automatic and autonomous calibration of robot cells, sensors of the scanCONTROL and optoNCDT series are used. These optical sensors enable permanent monitoring and restoration of the production process at the push of a…

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Roboterkalibrierung mit optischen Sensoren