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Machine building

As a long-standing partner in machine building and machine design, Micro-Epsilon offers a wide range of sensors and measuring systems. Miniaturized and integrated into machines, displacement sensors measure machine movements, positioning and travel paths and ensure safe machine operation. For automated machines and process-integrated machines, Micro-Epsilon sensors monitor a wide range of sizes of manufactured products.

Particularly where harsh ambient conditions such as oil, dirt, pressure, vibrations and temperatures are present, sensors from Micro-Epsilon convince with high precision and favorable conditions.

3D measurement of coil springs

Qsigma designed the Spring Measurement System (SMS) for precise 3D measurement of coil springs and other components. It is used, among other things, in the development of prototypes and 100% inspection of series parts. The SMS automatically…

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3D-Vermessung von Schraubfedern

Non-contact thickness measurement of aluminum

For the prompt detection of incorrect thickness of aluminum strips, optoNCDT laser triangulation sensors are used as modern alternative solution to isotopic measuring systems. At the measurement location, the sensors are mounted opposite to each…

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non-contact aluminum strip thickness measurement

Web-edge detection in the calender of a paper machine

If movement of the paper web in the calender is not exactly executed in one line, the heated calender roller is pressed directly onto the coating of the opposite roller, which can damage it. Repairing this special coating or even replacing the…

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Foreign body detection in medical technology

In this application, the MDS sensor recognizes foreign bodies in blister machines during the tablet packaging process. Via the movement of overhead touching rollers, foreign bodies between the blister packaging and covering material can be…

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Foreign body detection medical technology

Fluid level measurement of aluminium pig irons

In aluminium casting plants or foundries, the cast is poured into shape to form small bars, known as pig irons. The charging level in the forming process is critical in ensuring consistent weight of the pigs. Using a special non-contact measuring…

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Level measurement aluminum pig irons

Yarn thickness

A consistent yarn thickness is a prerequisite in the textile industry for high quality products. Therefore, the naturally occurring yarn thickness fluctuations must be eliminated. The yarn is drawn to a constant thickness using a stretching tool.…

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Yarn thickness measurement

Compensating for axial extension of milling spindles

Due to high machining speeds and the heat generated, the linear thermal expansion in milling spindles needs to be compensated for in order to keep the tool in a defined position at all times. The SGS sensor developed by Micro-Epsilon measures the…

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Exact crusher gap adjustment in rotary crushers

Rotary crushers for quarries or ore mines can grind up to 3500 t of material to the desired grain size in one hour. For this purpose an eccentric bearing bush generates a rotary-oscillating movement of the crusher axle, thereby constantly…

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Mahlspalteinstellung bei Kreiselbrechern

Measurement of the crankshaft position in grinding machines

This task involves the position measurement of the crankshaft with micrometer precision using eddy current-based inductive sensors. Both a continuous distance control and a consistent distance from the grinding tool are required. The analog…

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Measurement workpiece position grinding machine

Measuring thermal length expansion of spindles

The SGS 4701 displacement measuring system (Spindle Growth System) is developed specifically for high speed milling machine applications. Due to high machining speeds and the heat generated, the linear thermal expansion of the spindle in the…

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Measurement of thermal linear extension in spindles

Measuring tool holders in the magazine

Modern machine tools have complex magazines with various tools that are automatically picked up by the machine. In order for these tools to be accurately picked up, the tool holders must be precisely positioned. To check the position of the tool…

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Measuring tool holders in the magazine

Position measurement in the zero point clamping system

In modern machine tools, zero point clamping systems ensure reproducible positioning of the workpieces, clamping stations and workpiece carriers. Magneto-inductive displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon measure the position of the clamping…

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Positionsmessung Nullpunktspannungssystem

Measurement of the radial runout of a cutter disk

During the manufacture of veneer strips from laminated wood, the precision of the cutting disk determines the quality of the final product. High demands are placed on the veneer strips in terms of dimensional conformance. The thickness of the…

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Measurement radial runout cutter disc

Position measurement of the tailstock

The tailstock is an important part of a lathe or milling machine. The tailstock is used to support long workpieces by means of a center, which catches in the center hole on the front side of the workpiece. In order to detect the center tip,…

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Position measurement tailstock of lathes and milling machines

Optimizing weld seams with profile measurements

Inrotech A/S in Denmark relies on sensors from Micro-Epsilon to achieve optimal quality of weld seams in a fully automatic process. The company has developed a welding robot called "Inrotech-Crawler" which calculates welding processes in advance…

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Optimizing weld seams with profile measurements

Measuring the spindle runout

In high-frequency spindles, the accurate concentricity or shaft runout of the tool play a decisive role. Non-contact, inductive displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used for monitoring of concentricity or shaft runout. Based on the eddy…

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Measuring the spindle runout

Edge detection of fabric strips in the cutting machine

If the position of the material web is not recognized or is recognized incorrectly, this can result in waste from faulty cutting and machine malfunctions due to missing controller signals. Therefore, the optoCONTROL CLS-K-31 fiber optic sensor…

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Stoffbahnkantenerkennung Schneidemaschine

Measurement of the torsional stiffness of motor axles

A decisive factor for the service life and reliability of an engine is the torsional strength of the engine axle. In order to determine the torsional resistance, INC5701 inclination sensors detect the twisting of the axis at a defined torsion.…

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Torsional strength measurement

Monitoring oil gaps in hydrostatic bearings

Hydrostatic bearings are used in large plant and machinery such as stone mills, telescopic installations etc. Monitoring the gap size is a critical factor, as any disturbances in the hydraulics can cause pressure drops, which in extreme cases,…

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Monitoring oil gap of hydrostatic bearings

Monitoring embossment depth

In embossing machines, car body IDs are punched into the vehicle frame. The embossment depth must be in a defined tolerance range. In order to position the embossing tool, laser triangulation sensors from Micro-Epsilon detect the distance between…

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Monitoring embossment depth car body IDs

Monitoring the clamping position of tools

Often, initiators and switching rings, which provide a switching signal, are used to monitor the clamping position in high-performance tool machines. However, these require complex adjustment and set up. Analog sensors from the Micro-Epsilon LVP…

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Monitoring clamping position in high-performance machine tools

Valve lift measurement in the food industry

During the filling of drinks cartons, the exact dosage is a critical factor. The sensor measures the valve lift of the filling line and requests several switching points in a measuring range of 35mm. The sealed stainless steel housings of the…

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Ventilhubmessung Lebensmittelindustrie

Flatness measurement in rolling mills

The requirements on the surface quality of rolled sheet metal are continually increasing. This may be steel sheet which is used, for example, for stainless steel fronts in kitchens, or also aluminum sheet used in the automotive field. The surface…

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Flatness measurement in the rolling mill

Condition monitoring of bearings

Unscheduled downtime of bearings may induce high costs. However, early recognition of bearing damage allows for maintenance labor to be performed during scheduled standstills while minimizing costs. Acceleration sensors from Micro-Epsilon are…

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Zustandsüberwachung von Lagern