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Measurement & Testing technology

In measuring and testing machines, the measurement technology used is the central element. Therefore, metrological parameters such as resolution and linearity are decisive factors in order to enable precise data collection. For operation in measuring and testing machines, Micro-Epsilon offers numerous measuring techniques based on highest accuracy.

Inline color measurement during extrusion

When extruding solid to viscous masses, the materials must not be allowed to heat up too much. This would lead to burning and therefore undesirable coloration. The precise colorSENSOR CFO sensors measure the color of the materials directly in the…

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Profile measurement and diameter determination of tires

Laser sensors from the optoNCDT 1900 series are used to 100% inspect the radial and lateral runout of tires for cars and aircraft before they are fitted. Two sensors measure perpendicular to the tires to be tested. The sensor connection is made…

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Laser sensors replace tactile measurements

optoNCDT 1220 laser triangulation sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used for the geometrical measurement of components in test equipment. Among other things, they monitor component tolerances of series-produced plastic and aluminum die-cast parts…

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Distance control of detectors for the examination of drill cores

For the geological analysis of drill core and mineral samples Cox Analytical Systems offers special X-ray analysis equipment (XRF scanners). These allow sample analysis for almost all elements of the periodic table in one measurement run.…

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Automatic diameter testing of shafts

The Vertical Gauging Unit (VGU) is a measuring system for the precise and non-contact measurement of shafts and axes. The system is equipped with four optical micrometers and a laser distance sensor. The system enables measurements of axial…

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Automatic diameter inspection of shafts and axles

3D inspection and surface assessment of roof tiles

The production of roof tiles places high demands on measurement and testing methods for ensuring constant high product quality. In the DASTOKON semi-automatic measurement and test system and in the BSPK pilot plant a laser triangulation sensor of…

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Surface evaluation and 3D inspection of roof tiles

Coordinate measuring machine

Coordinate measurement machines are used for measuring many different components. Different scanners and measuring equipment measure the surface of the component in three dimensions. Laser line scanners are ideally suited for this purpose. They…

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Surface detection of various components in 3D

Scanning in coordinate measuring machine

Coordinate measurement machines from Zeiss have been known for decades for the highest quality, precision and reliability. Also the mobile measurement machine, ScanMax fulfills these criteria, in part due to the application of inductive…

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Scanning in coordinate measuring systems

Coordinate measuring machine

In order to measure a wide variety of components, coordinate measuring machines are used. Different gauges and measuring devices provide a 3D image of the surface component. scanCONTROL laser line scanners are ideally suitable for this purpose.…

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Rauheitsmessung und Geometrieprüfung Koordinatenmessmaschinen

Testing the sharpness of band knives

Foam cutting machines use band knives whose cutting blades typically wear out over the course of their use. In order to ensure high efficiency in the cutting process, the knife sharpness test is carried out during operation. A Micro-Epsilon laser…

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Testing knife sharpness of band knives

Measurement of surface changes by laser irradiation

Fraunhofer EMI researches the effect of laser beams on different surfaces. For this purpose, various samples are irradiated with a high-power laser that packs a punch of several kilowatts. Meanwhile, two scanCONTROL laser profile scanners from…

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