High precision thickness measurement in battery production


Micro-Epsilon offers reliable solutions for numerous measurement tasks in battery production, from high-precision distance sensors to 3D laser scanners and sensor systems. Inline inspection of production deviations during the process contributes significantly to efficiency, resource conservation and quality assurance.

These highly accurate sensors are used in every stage of production from electrode manufacturing to assembly and forming. Micro-Epsilon’s extensive and diverse product portfolio offers you the right measurement method with the right sensor for every type of coating and all measuring objects.

Important measurement tasks are the high-precision thickness measurements of battery film or the film coating. This is possible using both electromagnetic and optical sensors.

Belt and coating thickness measurement with electromagnetic sensors

Two capacitive sensors are mounted opposite each other and measure from two sides on electrically conductive materials. Both linear distance signals are calculated in the controller and converted to a thickness value. Compared to optical methods, the measurement spot is larger. This allows averaging of structures and irregularities. Due to the integrated temperature compensation, stable and highly accurate measurement values are achieved even at high ambient temperatures.

  • High resolution thickness measurement using two capacitive sensors
  • Temperature-compensated design
  • Multi-channel controller offers multi-track measurements
  • Large measurement spot for surface averaging

Coating thickness measurement using optical sensors

Optical sensors arranged opposite each other perform precise measurements of coated and uncoated films. They operate at high resolution and can be used in both wet and dry coating processes. Due to the small light spot diameters, even the smallest details can be reliably detected.

  • Reliable measurement methods for all coating processes
  • Non-contact measurement with high accuracy and high measuring rate
  • Ideal for dynamic process control

Turnkey systems measure the thickness of the electrode coating

In environments with dirt and high temperatures, the thicknessGAUGE O.EC system is used which includes the innovative combiSENSOR. It is based on an eddy current sensor that measures onto the guide roller, and a capacitive sensor which measures the distance from the material surface. The exact thickness value of the electrode coating is obtained from the signal difference.

  • Reliable measurement methods for all coating processes
  • Ideal for fluctuating high ambient temperatures
  • Process reliability in multi-track and fixed track measurements

Why Micro-Epsilon?

  • Increasing economic efficiency, resource conservation and quality
  • Highest precision in the submicron range
  • Bundled sensor and system expertise from a single source
  • With a broad technology portfolio for the optimal solution for your application
  • Decades of experiences in strip and belt processes

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