Thermal imaging cameras monitor the initial charge in battery production


Micro-Epsilon’s compact USB thermal imaging cameras are used for precise monitoring of thermographic processes. Their compact design and optimal price-performance ratio make them ideal for OEM applications. These cameras reliably detect temperatures from -20 °C to +2450 °C both in stationary use in the production line and in mobile applications.

The measurement results can be output via USB 2.0 to a PC. The license-free TIMConnect software enables the user to visualize and record the detected temperature data as thermal images. The cameras are immediately ready for use. Control and parameter set up is via software. Based on a non-contact measuring principle, the cameras are wear-free.

They can be used in process automation, test stations, R&D and mobile measurement tasks.

Thermal imaging cameras in battery production

In battery production, thermal imaging cameras monitor critical processes such as the first charging and discharging of battery cells. They provide an insight into the temperature distribution and any possible short circuits. In addition, they are used for early fire detection. The hot-spot detection feature automatically recognizes and outputs deviations from the target temperature.

Applications in battery production

VGA thermal imaging camera now even more powerful

The thermoIMAGER TIM VGA from Micro-Epsilon is the smallest VGA thermal imaging camera with optimized thermal sensitivity. This new model provides real-time thermal images at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and a thermal resolution of 40 mK. At just 46 x 56 x 76 - 100 mm, the camera is extremely compact and weighs only 269 - 340 g (incl. lens).

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