3D snapshot sensor for industrial measurement and inspection tasks


The high-performance surfaceCONTROL 3D 3200 snapshot sensor is ideally suited for use in industrial applications. It performs automated inspection of geometry, shape and surfaces on diffuse reflecting surfaces. The 3D sensor is characterized by its compact design as well as high measurement accuracy and high speed data processing. 

With a z-axis repeatability of up to 0.6 µm, the sensor impresses in high precision 3D metrology. In addition to the high speed data output via Gigabit Ethernet, it offers an additional I/O interface. The powerful 3DInspect software which solves 3D measurement and inspection tasks, completes the sensor package.

Compatibility with 3D GigE Vision also simplifies integration into third-party image processing software. The comprehensive SDK for customer software integration rounds off the software package. The sensor is available with the two measuring ranges of 80 mm and 120 mm.


  • Highest z-axis repeatability
  • Powerful 3DInspect software tool
  • Easy integration, commissioning and parameter set up
  • 3D GigE Vision and GenICam-Standard
  • Comprehensive evaluation software & SDK

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