Precise distance and thickness measurement in restricted spaces


In particular, optical measurement technology is becoming more important for production and inspection processes, as it is non-contact and independent of the target material and surface properties. This is a decisive advantage in a ‘live’ production process where tactile measurement technology is operating at its limits, particularly if the target is in a difficult-to-access area.

Confocal chromatic sensors from Micro-Epsilon are complemented by a new sensor model. The IFS2406-3 enables precise displacement and distance measurements in restricted spaces with a large offset distance, which means it is ideally suited to applications in the glass industry. Due to the offset distance of 74mm and a measuring range of 3mm, it is particularly useful when increased process reliability and protection of sensor and target against mechanical damage are required.

The confocalDT confocal chromatic measurement system includes a controller and a sensor connected via a fiber optic cable. Due to a user-friendly web interface, the entire configuration process of controller and sensors is carried out without using any additional software.

The range of sensors comprises the universally applicable IFS2405 sensors and the IFS2402 / IFS2403 miniature sensors. With these miniature sensors, geometrical features can be measured inside narrow holes and recesses. Some IFS2406 sensors are uses for vacuum applications.

Micro-Epsilon offers a large range of confocal sensors and controllers. Various interfaces open up a wide variety of applications, e.g. in the semiconductor industry, glass, medical engineering, plastics production and consumer electronics.

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