Quality assurance of long products in the hot and cold rolling process


Profile measurements of metallic long products made of steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals are now possible with even greater precision. This is due to the new dimensionCONTROL metal profile gauge (MGP), which is designed as a horseshoe frame. The MPG 8208 and MPG 9208 models integrate into the production line and generate real 3D measurements. 

The dimensionCONTROL MPG profile measuring system is designed for the special requirements and harsh conditions found in the metal industry and delivers precise measurement results. As it’s possible to equip the dimensionCONTROL MPG with either precision micrometers or red and blue laser profile scanners, the system can be optimally adapted to the respective measurement task. Pneumatic protection is available for the sensor lenses. If the sensors are used at high material temperatures above 1,000°C, water cooling is optionally available. To compensate for mechanical long-term temperature drift, an integrated and fully automatic calibration is performed.

The system is used along the rolling mill for process control, quality assurance and good-bad part assessment. Profile measurements can be made in both hot and cold rolling areas. 


  • 100% quality control inline
  • Compact system for easy integration into lines
  • Real 3D measurements
  • Reduction of setup time during product changeovers
  • Pneumatic protection for sensor lenses
  • Optional water cooling for material temperatures above 1,000 °C
  • Comprehensive software package
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