optoNCDT 1900: Next-generation laser sensors


The optoNCDT 1900 laser sensors from Micro-Epsilon ensure precise displacement, distance and position measurements. The sensors are designed for dynamic processes in factory automation, as well as for high precision applications in 3D printing and in coordinate measuring machines. They are used wherever high speed, precision and compact design are required. The laser-point models enable the detection of fine details and structures, while the laser-line sensors (LL) are optimized for metallic and structured surfaces. Two-step measurement averaging ensures the highest stability and a precise signal course even at steps and edges.

Another advantage of optoNCDT 1900 laser sensors is their Advanced Surface Compensation feature, which automatically controls the exposure on demanding surfaces with different degrees of reflection for best results. As the sensor compensates for ambient light up to 50,000 lux, it can also be used in strongly illuminated environments.

Special features

  • Designed for distance measurements on metallic, rough and structured surfaces
  • Small, oval-shaped light spot compensates for the slightest unevenness
  • Smart software algorithms for particularly accurate results
  • Ideal for factory automation, electronics production, robotics and the automotive industry

Available measuring ranges with laser point

2, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 mm

Available measuring ranges with laser line

2, 10, 25 mm

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