Mobile and non-destructive measurements on CFRP materials


Micro-Epsilon now offers two different hand-held devices for high precision paint and coating thickness measurements on CFRP. Both the FSC1/7 & FSC1000 (Fast Surface Check) and the ISC1000 (Industrial Surface Check) are designed as hand-held devices which makes them flexible and easy to use. The innovative microwave technology neither influences paints or coatings nor the substrate itself. Measurements are possible on thin substrates even from a coating thickness of just 1 µm. Each system includes a sensor, connection cable and a battery-powered controller which acts as a control and display module.

Operation takes place via the touch display or the large keypad on the controller. The measurement is triggered by pressing a button on the sensor or via the controller. These mobile hand-held devices are absolutely ideal for process applications and provide reliable measurement results even on curved surfaces. Calibration foils enable individual adaption to the respective material.

The FSC models are approved as thickness gauges for the aviation industry, while well-known aircraft manufacturers, airlines and paint shops already use them for micrometer-precise measurements.

The ISC series is specially designed for industrial applications, where it is used for random checks and quality inspections as well as for process control on CFRP substrates and metals.

Advantages of microwave-based coating thickness gauges

  • Non-destructive and wear-free coating thickness measurements
  • Extremely low min. substrate thickness
  • Measurement of very thin coatings as no min. coating thickness required
  • Qualified for the aviation industry (FSC)
  • Use in industrial applications (ISC)
  • Highly accurate coating thickness measurement on metals and CFRP materials with a single device
  • Ease of use
  • Dynamic tilt prevention for increased precision
  • Statistical functions / storage options with USB data export

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