Wide application versatility with powerful color sensor range


Modern colorSENSOR CFO sensors measure up to 320 colors and very fine color graduations on metals, plastics, glass and textiles. Their robust design, high quality glass fiber optics and small dimensions make these color sensors ideally suited to industrial applications.

Four different sensor types are available for different fields of application and materials. They enable precise color measurements and high application versatility.

Reflex sensor

For directly reflecting surfaces, the reflex sensor is used. It’s specially designed for metals, plastic parts, coatings and packaging. The reflex sensor is intended for parts recognition, sorting tasks, color inspections and presence monitoring.

Standard sensor

The standard sensor is designed for high-gloss and diffuse reflecting surfaces. It is particularly well suited to color measurements of anti-reflection coatings or chrome colors.

Circular sensor

The new CFS2-M11 and CFS2-M20 circular sensors from Micro-Epsilon recognize the finest of color graduations, even on demanding, shiny metallic and structured surfaces. For stable and precise color recognition, the sensors uniformly illuminate the target in a circular manner, which enables them to recognize the exact shade of color. They are used, among other things, in the paper, textiles, plastics and automotive industries.

Transmission sensor

For measurements on transparent surfaces, the transmission sensor is used. It provides precise results on films, glasses or partially transparent liquids.

Modern interfaces directly output the precise results. The colorSENSOR CFO controller can also be integrated in a BUS environment. This is possible either directly via Modbus TCP or RTU or via an interconnected gateway for PROFINET or EtherNet/IP (Modbus RTU). The Modbus TCP and a corresponding gateway can also be used to integrate the colorSENSOR CFO into an EtherCAT environment.

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