High-performance draw-wire sensors for industrial measurements


Draw-wire sensors used in industrial applications must fulfill many requirements. Micro-Epsilon offers those robust draw-wire sensors of the wireSENSOR series which are specially designed for industrial environments.

They measure distances and positions with high precision and can also be installed in harsh environments. The sensors are equipped with glass fiber-reinforced plastic housing. Drum and spring spaces are separate. Therefore, the sensors are very well protected against external influences which is why they can be used both in indoor and outdoor applications. The new measuring ranges of 1500 mm and 2500 mm cover numerous fields of application. For OEM and serial applications, the sensor can be easily and efficiently adapted to the respective measurement tasks, in terms of their measuring range, wire thickness and different signal outputs.

Another argument for the K sensor series is the excellent price segment, which makes it favorable for OEM and series applications. Therefore, they are used in various measurement tasks of mobile machines, crane systems and lifting technologies.


  • Robust design with glass fiber-reinforced plastic housing
  • High flexibility and modularity
  • Measuring ranges: 1.5 / 2.5 / 3.5 / 5 m
  • Optimized for industry
  • Excellent price/performance ratio for OEM and series

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