Easy sensor connection to EtherNet/IP controls


The IF2030 interface modules are designed for easy connection of Micro-Epsilon sensors to Industrial Ethernet controllers, e.g., plant control systems. Simple terminals enable sensors from Micro-Epsilon to be connected to the interface module via RS422/RS485 interfaces. The IF2030/ENETIP operates with up to 4 MBaud and enables easy sensor connection to Ethernet-based fieldbuses. The module has two network connections for different network topologies. Installation in switching cabinets is via a DIN rail.

The interface modules are compatible with multiple sensors:

  • optoNCDT 1320, optoNCDT 1420, optoNCDT 1750, optoNCDT 1900, optoNCDT 2300
  • confocalDT 242x, confocalDT 24x1
  • optoCONTROL 2520
  • colorCONTROL ACS7000
  • capaNCDT 6120
  • induSENSOR MSC7x0x

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