"TIM" monitors body temperature


The thermoIMAGER TIM QVGA-HD-T100 thermal imaging camera is designed for the temperature measurement of an individual person or groups of people. It recognizes people with increased body temperatures. The camera reliably and automatically detects the measurement values in order to output these. The special software for body temperature measurement can be used on any common PC and on the Micro-Epsilon NetPC. Real-time thermal images can be automatically detected or stored with the recording or snapshot feature. Alternatively, you can set up an alarm that is triggered when a person’s body temperature reaches a preset critical value.                                                                                               

Advantages of the thermoIMAGER TIM QVGA-HD-T100 include high thermal sensitivity of 40 mK and a frequency of 80 Hz, at which the real-time records are output. In addition, the camera is extremely lightweight, very compact and robust. The USB port simplifies commissioning. The system can be easily set up and removed quickly, which offers high flexibility regarding its location. 

Ambient reference radiator for even higher accuracy

The ambient reference radiator increases the accuracy to ±0.5 °C. The radiator is positioned in the Field of View in order to continuously provide reference values to the thermal imager.


  • Real-time temperature monitoring
  • Automatic detection and storage of real-time thermal images
  • Thermal sensitivity of 40 mK
  • High measurement speed of 80 Hz
  • Optional alarm feature for set value overshoot

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