Precise temperature measurements in the metals production


The ratio measuring principle makes the new thermoMETER CTRatio pyrometer an extraordinary solution for industrial measurement tasks in the metals industry. When measuring metals using conventional pyrometers, measurement errors due to harsh environmental conditions had to be accepted. However, the thermoMETER CTRatio solves this measurement task with high precision and reliability. Smoke, dust, vapor and contamination on the lens or an object moving within the measuring field, do not influence the measurement results. Even if only 5 per cent of the measurement object is within the measurement spot, the measurement will be successful. Due to the high spectral sensitivity in the range from 1.45 to 1.75 μm, measurements are possible from +250 °C. New calibration methods have extended the temperature measuring range up to +3000 °C.

The thermoMETER CTRatio operates with a sighting laser at a wavelength of 520 nm, i.e. in the range of the human eye’s maximum sensitivity, which is between 520 nm (green) and 560 nm (yellow). In contrast to a conventional red laser, the visibility of the green laser is eight times higher, which is a great benefit when measuring red-hot glowing metal surfaces.

A fiber-optic cable and an external controller enable measurements without cooling in environments up to 200 °C or up to 315 °C with a high temperature version. The scope of supply includes the Ratio Connect software which reliably detects and evaluates the temperature measurement data.


  • Measuring ranges from +250 °C to +3000 °C
  • Short response time of 1 ms for high speed processes
  • High accuracy even with dust, vapors or contaminated lenses with up to 95% signal attenuation
  • Immune to electromagnetic radiation
  • Reliable detection even when the target only fills 5 per cent of the measuring spot
  • Applicable in up to 200 °C ambient temperature without cooling
  • High temperature version up to 315 °C
  • One- or two-channel measurements possible

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