Ultra-small infrared camera monitors thermodynamic processes


The new, high resolution thermoIMAGER TIM QVGA infrared camera offers high performance with a compact design (46 mm x 56 mm x 68 - 77 mm). It combines all the characteristics for a safe and reliable, detailed analysis of thermodynamic processes. It is used for thermal monitoring tasks in industrial processes from process and error analysis, temperature monitoring of machines and components, as well as research and development. The temperature range extends from -20 °C to 900 °C and with a special version up to 1500 °C. The camera is robust against industrial environments and is protected to IP67. The excellent thermal sensitivity is 40 mK, frame rate is 80 Hz.

Furthermore, the thermal imager can be operated via USB. The lenses are exchangeable within the Micro-Epsilon portfolio to suit different measurement tasks. The scope of supply includes the TIMConnect analysis software which enables parameter setup of the camera and visualization of thermal images and a well-documented SDK with numerous examples.

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