Turnkey systems for thickness measurement of strips and plates


The thicknessSENSOR is designed as a Plug & Play solution for precise thickness measurement of strip and plate materials. The measuring ranges are up to max. 25 mm with measuring widths up to max. 400 mm.

The thickness measuring system consists of two laser triangulation sensors that are fixed opposite to each other on a robust frame. This is how the respective object can be measured from both sides from above and below. Here, the thicknessSENSOR operates according to the difference principle. The values acquired are then calculated via an integrated evaluation unit. Data output is analog via voltage and current or in digital form via Ethernet.

Operation is via an intuitive web interface. Moreover, it’s possible to load predefined set ups and up to eight user-specific settings can be stored and exported in the setup management.

In contrast to random sample checks, the thicknessSENSOR continuously monitors the thickness of materials during operation. Possible production faults can therefore be recognized early, enabling direct inline intervention. This reduces waste and minimizes consequential costs.



  • Constant measurement results with high repeatability
  • Measurement log due to continuous measurements
  • Adjustable limit values enable quick intervention and trend recognition
  • Fully assembled system solution for fast commissioning
  • Intuitive web interface

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