Thickness laser gauges for hot rolling achieve higher precision and efficiency than X-rays


With the thicknessCONTROL MTS 820x and MTS 920x product series, Micro-Epsilon has designed high precision laser gauges for hot rolling mills in the aluminum industry. Their innovative technology enables extremely precise measurements both on thick and thin materials, presenting a new and efficient solution for hot rolling mills.

In hot rolling, high requirements are placed on optical measuring devices. Heat and vapors affect the sensors while the emulsion is being applied. Therefore, the sensors must be equipped with a cooling unit in order to provide temperature stability. Moreover, large measuring ranges are required in order to place the sensors at a safe distance from the hot surface.

Another challenge is the decreasing material thickness. The measuring systems should not only measure thick but also thin materials at the highest precision. To date, this has only been possible using X-ray devices whose accuracy diminishes with increasing material thicknesses. On top of this, high purchasing and operational costs are involved as the devices need to be recalibrated for different alloys.

With the thicknessCONTROL MTS 8201/8202.LLT and 9201/9202.LLT thickness laser gauges, Micro-Epsilon has developed a new technology. This enables the reliable and precise thickness measurement of thick and thin hot rolling materials. The systems are equipped with special laser line scanners, each of these integrated in the upper and lower belt of the O- and C-frame. They have two sequential measuring ranges of 400 mm in total. Two lenses and two matrices are housed in the scanner, and divide the measuring range into two sections. These thickness laser gauges therefore operate within different accuracy ranges, which offers numerous benefits:

Advantages at a glance:

  • With a material thickness of 400 mm, a 10 times higher accuracy is achieved compared to X-ray devices
  • Large measuring range when measuring both thick and thin rolling materials with less than 100 mm thickness
  • Robust against harsh industrial environments
  • Temperature stability
  • Large offset distance from the measurement object, sensor doesn’t need to be traversed in the vertical direction

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