New: Confocal, compact sensor with high precision for OEM applications


Confocal chromatic confocalDT IFS2404-2 displacement sensors are designed for high precision measurements of distance, position and thickness. With a diameter of just 12 mm, the compact sensor can also be integrated into restricted installation space. Their special lens enables high resolutions at a small light spot size. Together with the confocal chromatic confocalDT 242x, they offer an excellent price/performance ratio especially for high volume applications.

The confocalDT 2421 and 2422 controllers from Micro-Epsilon set new industrial standards in precision, confocal measurement technology. Available as either a single- or a dual-channel version, these confocal chromatic measuring systems enable an economical solution, particularly for high volume applications. The system operates on a non-contact and therefore wear-free basis. The active exposure regulation feature in the CCD line enables accurate, fast surface compensation on changing surfaces.

Data is output in real time via an EtherCAT interface. The thickness calibration feature enables precise thickness measurements across the entire measuring range of the sensor.

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