High precision multipoint thickness measurements using confocal chromatic sensors


The confocalDT 2421/22 controllers set new industrial standards in precise, confocal measurement technology. Available as either a single- or a dual-channel version, these measurement systems enable a low cost solution especially for high volume applications.

These controllers show off their strengths especially in the glass industry where high throughput rates are required. Therefore, it is possible to perform multi-track measurements on flat glass, two-sided thickness measurements and multipoint thickness measurements on container glass using only a single controller. Furthermore, they are used in production control and quality assurance of consumer electronics.

For example in container glass production, wall thickness and roundness of the bottles are crucial quality features. This is why these parameters must be 100 % inspected. Any faulty containers are immediately rejected and returned to the glass melt. Due to high processing speeds and in order to prevent the bottles from being damaged, a fast, non-contact measurement procedure is required. The confocal chromatic, dual-channel confocalDT 2422 system measures synchronously on two points. Data is output in real time via an EtherCAT interface. The thickness calibration feature enables precise thickness measurements across the entire measuring range of the sensor. Automatic exposure control allows stable measurements regardless of the glass color of the container glass.

The confocal chromatic measuring technique enables multi-layer thickness measurements of transparent materials, distance measurements, intensity evaluation and measurements within recesses and boreholes. The measurement process is non-contact, wear-free and almost independent of surface properties. Extremely small objects can be detected due to the extremely small measurement spot size. Therefore, the confocal chromatic measuring procedure is ideally suited to inline quality control.

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