Cool and safe - protective housings for infrared cameras


Specific housing types extend the range of applications for thermal imaging cameras. Particularly in harsh industrial environments and outdoor applications, special protective measures such as an outdoor protective housing and a »CoolingJacket« are required.

thermoIMAGER TIM cameras perform non-contact surface measurements from -20°C to +1800°C. Their special »CoolingJacket« housing enables the cameras to operate in ambient temperatures up to 180°C; the »Advanced« edition enables the sensor to be used in temperatures up to 315°C. A water-cooling system cools the camera. Furthermore, additional components such as the TIM NetBox, USB Server Gigabit and Industrial Process Interface (PIF) can be integrated in the »Extended« version. Additional protection is provided by protective windows, which are covered with an anti-reflection coating for enhanced, optical performance.

The new robust, stainless steel (IP66) outdoor protective housing enables 24/7 outdoor operation of infrared cameras. It offers reliable protection in harsh conditions such as dirt, temperature fluctuations and humidity. Therefore, the cameras can be continuously operated outside throughout the whole year. The camera lens is optimally protected by an anti-reflective coated Germanium window, which is a high resistance film.

The integrated air purge collar is particularly beneficial as it continuously frees the protective window from dirt, ensuring reliable operation of the infrared camera even in dusty and humid environments. A heating element is automatically switched on when temperatures are below 15°C; a fan ensures homogeneous operating temperature. The USB Server Gigabit provides the TIM cameras with an Ethernet output, which enables their integration into a processing system over long distances.

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