colorSENSOR CFO100/200

Powerful controllers for precise color measurement
colorSENSOR CFO100/200
Powerful controllers for precise color measurement

The colorSENSOR CFO is a new controller for precise color detection in industrial measurement tasks. The CFO series is characterized by high color accuracy, modern interfaces and intuitive operation. CFS sensors with integrated fiber optics are connected to the controller, which can be adapted for different measurement tasks. The colorSENSOR CFO is used for color detection on interior parts such as headrests, packaging inspection or sorting by color of crown caps, closures or labels. The colorSENSOR replaces the models of the LT series.


The CFO100 is ready for precise color measurements in automation environments. Its high color accuracy enables reliable recognition of the slightest color differences. Due to a measuring rate of 10 kHz, the CFO100 can also be used to monitor dynamic processes.


The CFO200 is designed for high performance color measurements. With a measuring rate of 30 kHz, even dynamic high speed production processes can be monitored reliably. High repeatability enables the reliable detection of even the slightest color differences. The color memory offers teach-in of up to 320 colors in 254 color groups.

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