Measurement value evaluation

Measurement value evaluation

Comprehensive, flexible evaluation of measured values from several sensors using scanCONTROL Smart PLC Unit.

scanCONTROL Smart PLC Unit

Sometimes the results of only one sensor are not sufficient for the evaluation and measurement of a component. Then the values of several sensors have to be combined and calculated together. It is also possible that subsequent calculations have to be carried out.

These specials tasks can be solved using the scanCONTROL SMART PLC Unit which is a compact, powerful control system with flexible programming. Tailored to the customers’ requirements, Micro-Epsilon engineers configure or program the required settings and make sure that the user obtains the desired results.

The scanCONTROL SMART PLC Unit operates with scanCONTROL SMART but is also able to receive signals from other sensors and devices.

  • Up to 8 sensors
  • Tailored to customers’ requirements
  • Optional visualization (customer-specific design)
  • Data transmission to higher-level control via different protocols
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