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Optimal alignment of interferometers and confocal sensors

Optimale Ausrichtung von Interferometer und konfokale Sensoren

In order to achieve high precision measurements, optical sensors must be aligned as perpendicular as possible. For optimal alignment, several mounting cycles may be necessary using conventional mounting methods. It is most often necessary to correct the position afterwards. However, this is not possible without considerable effort.

However, correct sensor alignment has now become much easier. The new, adjustable JMA-xx mounting adapters from Micro-Epsilon are a very useful solution for the installation of confocal sensors and interferometers. The sensor position can be changed afterwards which enables optimal positioning of the sensors for a high measurement precision. These adapters significantly speed up the fastening and the alignment of the sensors.

The adjustment mechanism is operated via Allen screw, which prevents accidental adjustment which can often occur with knurled-head screws. For optimal alignment with two-sided thickness measurements, two adjustable mounting adapters can be arranged opposite to each other.


  • Compensates for misaligned measuring objects
  • You can correct the mounting position of the sensor afterwards
  • Increased measurement accuracy
  • Only one mounting cycle necessary