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Next-generation confocal sensors for series integration

Konfokale Sensoren der nächsten Generation

The confocalDT IFD2410 and IFD2415 confocal sensors offer the highest performance in an all-in-one housing with integrated Industrial Ethernet. Their robust and compact design with IP65-certified housing makes these sensors ideal for industrial series applications. The sensors are used for precise distance and thickness measurements in inline inspection machines, coordinate measuring machines, robotics, 3D printing, thickness monitoring of flat and container glass, and for testing electronic assemblies, among other applications.

With transparent materials, multilayer measurements of up to 5 layers can be performed. The active exposure time regulation of the CCD array allows fast and stable measurements on varying surfaces, even with dynamic measurement processes of up to 25 kHz.

The space-saving IP65-housing enables fast integration into plant equipment and machines, as no fiber optic cable is required. Direct integration into the PLC is possible via the integrated Industrial Ethernet interface (EtherCAT).


  • Distance measurement, thickness measurement and multilayer measurement with compact sensor system
  • High resolution and measuring rate
  • Easy integration as no optical fiber is required
  • Intuitive operation via web interface
  • Optimized for industrial use
  • Industrial Ethernet interface (EtherCAT)