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New: Laser scanners compatible with Cognex VisionPro software

Laserscanner kompatibel mit Software Cognex VisionPro

The scanCONTROL AIK adapter enables fast integration into Cognex VisionPro via the Cognex AIK Server. It combines the advantages of the Cognex VisionPro environment to generate fast and reliable measurement solutions with the advantages of native scanCONTROL integration.

Cognex Integrators and users of Cognex VisionPro can use the adapter to generate Cognex Range Images out of scanCONTROL‘s measurement points to process it comfortably with the VisionPro data evaluation algorithms for Range Images. Beyond that, all well-known configuration options for scanCONTROL laser scanners are available to the user.

To get a quick start, the scanCONTROL AIK adapter for Cognex VisionPro comprises an elaborate documentation on all sensor settings and the necessary configuration steps in Cognex VisionPro. The adapter supports all current scanCONTROL 25x0, 29x0, 30x0 and 30x2 series.