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Highly accurate thickness measuring system for metal surfaces

Dickenmesssystem für metallische Oberflächen

The thicknessSENSOR is used for the precise thickness measurement of narrow strip and sheet materials such as metal or plastic. The new model thicknessSENSOR ILD1420LL now allows for even more precise measurements on metal surfaces. This is due to their small, oval measurement spot which compensates for textures and rough surfaces, allowing the sensors to deliver a far higher level of accuracy.

The sensor system is composed of two laser triangulation sensors that measure against the object from both sides are. The integrated evaluation unit calculates the thickness values, which are output in analog form as voltage and/or current or digitally via Ethernet. Thanks to its compact design, the system can also be integrated in narrow spaces. The ready-to-use setup allows for fast and simple commissioning.

Another advantage is the convenient operation via an intuitive web interface. Individual presets can be loaded for the respective measurement task. Up to eight user-specific settings can be saved in the setup management and exported. The system stands out thanks to its cost efficiency and can be used as a data source for documentation purposes as well as for in-line monitoring tasks. This allows for high-performance automation of the manufacturing process.