2D/3D Measurement

3D sensors for precise inline quality inspection

3D sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used for a wide range of measuring and inspection tasks. Evaluation and parameter setting are performed with the powerful 3DInspect software.

The new generation of Micro-Epsilon’s 3D sensors impresses with high accuracy during measurement and assessment of components and surfaces. The surfaceCONTROL and reflectCONTROL inspection systems from Micro-Epsilon are intended for matt and shiny surfaces respectively. The 3D snapshots are recorded in a short time and provide detailed 3D point clouds.

These 3D sensors are used, e.g., for geometric component testing, position determination, presence checks and the measurement of flatness or planarity. Thanks to their high performance, the sensors are used for inline applications, on robots and also for offline inspection.

Optical micrometers from Micro-Epsilon operate according to the transmitted light principle (ThruBeam micrometer). Here, the transmitter produces a parallel light curtain that is transmitted via a lens arrangement into the receiver unit. The beam is interrupted if an object is in the light path. The resulting shadowing is detected by the receiving optics and output as measurement value. Most optical micrometers are used for dimensional measurements in production, machine monitoring and quality assurance. Parameters such as diameter, gap, height and position are detected with high accuracy.

Laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon are among the highest performing profile sensors in the world with respect to accuracy and measuring rate. They detect, measure and evaluate profiles on different object surfaces without contact. The available models with different measuring ranges are ideally suitable for industrial applications. Models for the customer’s own evaluation programming are available for integrators. With integrated intelligence, the scanCONTROL SMART scanners solve numerous measurement tasks. The scanCONTROL models require no external controller, which significantly simplifies the installation effort.

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