Adjustable mounting adapter for ideal sensor positioning


The adjustable mounting adapter for confocal sensors and interferometers greatly simplifies positioning of these sensors. The mounting adapter offers four significant advantages. It compensates for misalignment of the measuring object, enables subsequent and rapid correction of the sensor position, as well as maximum measurement accuracy while reducing the mounting effort to one cycle.

If optical sensors are aligned perfectly perpendicular to the measuring object, they provide maximum measurement accuracy. Micro-Epsilon therefore offers an adjustable mounting adapter for confocal sensors and interferometers. The JMA-xx mounting adapter enables ideal and fast sensor positioning in all directions. In addition, it enables subsequent correction of the position. The measurement accuracy increases while the time required for mounting is significantly reduced.

The adjustment mechanism is operated via Allen screw, which prevents accidental adjustments that can often occur with knurled-head screws. For optimal alignment in two-sided thickness measurements, two adjustable mounting adapters can be arranged opposite to each other.

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