True Color sensors for BUS environments


colorSENSOR CFO True Color sensors combine high color accuracy, modern interfaces and intuitive operation. They are used for high precision measurement tasks in the industry and can be integrated via a gateway into BUS environments.

The precise True Color sensors can now be optionally integrated into a BUS environment. This is possible either directly via Modbus TCP or RTU or via an interconnected gateway for PROFINET or EtherNet/IP (Modbus RTU). The Modbus TCP and a corresponding gateway can also be used to integrate the colorSENSOR CFO into an EtherCAT environment.

The CFO color sensors quickly measure up to 320 colors and the finest of color shades on metals, plastics, glass and textiles with highest precision. The measurement process is performed on a non-contact, wear-free basis at up to 30 kHz. These modern sensors are thus designed for fast, automated inspection tasks as within a second, the color accuracy of up to 15,000 parts are inspected with ∆E ≤ 0.3. Moreover, the sensor heads can be individually adapted to customer applications.

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