New draw-wire displacement sensor for industrial serial applications


Designed for applications involving high volumes, the new wireSENSOR WPS-Kxx draw-wire displacement sensors measure distance and position precisely. The K series combines high performance sensors for indoor and outdoor applications with an excellent price/performance ratio. Due to their modular design, the sensors can be adapted quickly and easily to the respective measurement task.

Specially designed for industrial purposes, Micro-Epsilon launches the new wireSENSOR WPS-Kxx draw-wire displacement sensors with measuring ranges of 2300 mm and 5000 mm. This sensor series is ideal for precise distance and position measurements and primarily used in mobile machines, mobile cranes and the lifting technology.

The compact K series stands out due to its high flexibility and excellent price/performance ratio. Therefore, the sensors are particularly suitable for OEM and serial applications. Their glass fiber-reinforced plastic housing, as well as separate drum and spring spaces, make these sensors extremely robust against external influences in both indoor and outdoor applications.

The high degree of modularity enables easy adaption to different requirements in an efficient way. Customized versions with different measuring ranges, wire thicknesses and outputs are possible.

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