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Mounting frame with capacitive sensors for highly accurate thickness measurements

The new mounting frame with capacitive sensors enables highly accurate measurements for two-sided thickness measurements. By mounting the sensors opposite each other, they are aligned exactly along one axis. This ensures maximum precision, which is required for applications in the battery and semiconductor industries, among others.

For two-sided thickness measurements, capacitive sensors are mounted opposite each other. Precise alignment in one axis is required to ensure highly accurate thickness measurements. To ensure that the sensors are fixed in place, Micro-Epsilon offers a mounting frame that aligns the sensors precisely with each other. As a result, the sensors are congruent on one axis. The installation is space-saving because the mounting bracket is very compact.

Up to six sensors can be attached to one mounting frame. Since two sensors each image a measuring point, thickness measurements can be performed on three tracks simultaneously. The mounting frame can also be used in demanding environments. It is both vacuum-compatible and temperature-stable up to 100 °C. Therefore, the capacitive mounting frame is also used in high-precision applications such as the semiconductor industry for high-resolution thickness measurement of wafers, and in the battery industry for two-sided thickness measurement of batteries and separator films.

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