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Laser sensors replace tactile measurements

Laser sensors optoNCDT 1220 from Micro-Epsilon are used for the geometrical measurement of components in test equipment. Among other things, they monitor component tolerances of series-produced plastic and aluminum die-cast parts. They are also used for incoming goods inspection and quality assurance.

In contrast to the tactile inspection stations used in the past, the non-contact laser measurement with the optoNCDT ILD1220 sensors means that there is no impact on the object being measured. Another advantage is that the sensors can be used very flexibly due to their different measuring ranges and large offset distances. This is also possible in critical industrial environments.

The solution with laser sensors is also economical, fast and highly precise, and requires less mechanical effort than tactile measurements. 
The integration of the sensors and the subsequent evaluation of the measurement results can be implemented quickly and easily.

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