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Confocal chromatic precision sensor

The Micro-Epsilon sensor portfolio of confocal chromatic sensors has been expanded to include a new precision sensor for displacement and thickness measurement. The confocalDT IFS2407-1.5 model is particularly suitable for curved and structured surfaces. On diffuse surfaces, the sensor with a numerical aperture of 0.70 achieves a high measuring angle of (±70°).

It is particularly suitable for precision parts such as gear wheels, where steep and shiny flanks are reproduced extremely reliably and with high precision. This is particularly true in conjunction with the new IFC2465HP high-intensity confocal controller, which enables the sensor to achieve outstanding results due to automatic adjustment of the exposure time, high light intensity and fast measuring rate.

Another field of application for the sensor is the measurement of lenses, as large measuring angles are required here, particularly at the edges. The sensor is also characterized by a light spot that is extremely small at just 5.5 µm and provides an excellent lateral resolution of <3 µm. This enables stable measurements of the finest structures.

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