capaNCDT CST6110

Ideal for industrial rotation speed measurements

turboSPEED DZ140

Compact rotation speed sensor for turbochargers

Rotational speed sensors for industrial measurement tasks

Rotation speed sensors are used to monitor, regulate and control mechanical drive systems and play a major role when it comes to protecting elements of a rotational system (e.g., in the engine, drive) from mechanical overload. Micro-Epsilon offers two sensor systems for rotation speed measurement. The capaNCDT CST6110 is a universal rotation speed sensor for counting tasks and rotation speed applications of any type. Moreover, the turboSPEED DZ140 measuring system is specifically designed for the detection of turbocharger rotation speeds.



  1. Precise rotation speed measurement in industrial environments
  2. 1 ... 400,000 rpm
  3. Material-independent measurements
  4. High interference immunity, reliability and accuracy
  5. Easy integration due to compact sensor size
  6. Special rotation speed measuring system for turbochargers
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Universal rotation speed measurement

The capaNCDT CST6110 capacitive rotation speed sensor is designed for industrial counting tasks and rotational speed applications. Regardless of the material, the sensor detects blades, gear wheels, nubs and similar objects with the highest precision. The measuring range is 1 to 400,000 rpm. Rotation output is performed from the first detection which means no system run up is required. The robust IP67 controller and a compact sensor design make the rotation speed sensor ideal for confined installation environments.

Capacitive rotation speed sensor capaNCDT CST6110

How do non-contact rotation speed sensors work?

Non-contact rotation speed sensors from Micro-Epsilon use two different measuring techniques for rotation speed measurement. The CST6110 rotation speed sensor is based on the capacitive measuring principle while the inductive measuring principle is used for turbocharger rotation speed measurement using the DZ140. Both measuring techniques impress with their high signal stability and interference immunity. Unlike optical measuring procedures, rotation speed sensors from Micro-Epsilon are insensitive to dust and dirt.

Turbocharger speed sensors

The inductive turboSPEED DZ140 sensor system is specially designed for engine compartment and turbocharger speed measurements. The controller is integrated in an IP65-protected miniature housing intended for operating temperatures up to 115 °C. The sensor resists temperatures up to 285 °C. Therefore, the robust miniature measuring system can be easily installed in the engine compartment. The inductive DZ140 measuring principle offers excellent interference resistance for increased EMC requirements, as well as in test cells and on-road testing, while providing precise measurement results in the range of 200 rpm to 400,000 rpm.