Inductive measuring system

induSENSOR DTD - Inductive gauge with compact cable controller for series applications in machine building and automation

The compact DTD inductive sensor system consists of a gauge with a plunger guided by a plain bearing and a controller, which are connected to each other with a 3 m long cable. The controller has a diameter of just 18 mm and the 3m-long cable enables flexible installation.

The DTD sensor system is based on an established LVDT measuring method. It impresses with outstanding precision and provides high signal stability and resolutions down to the micrometer range. Thanks to its high temperature stability, resistance to shock and vibration, and insensitivity to dirt, the induSENSOR DTD is ideal for industrial measurement tasks. Modern fieldbuses such as Ethernet, PROFINET or EtherCAT are supported via optionally available interface modules.



  1. Measuring range (mm): ± 1 | 3 | 5 | 10
  2. Linearity max. ± 60 µm
  3. Repeatability: max. 1.5 µm
  4. Frequency response (-3 dB): adjustable up to 300 Hz
  5. Digital interface: RS485, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Ethernet, EtherCAT
  6. Established LVDT measuring method
  7. Robust design for industrial applications
  8. Ideal for series use in machine building and automation
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