One-sided thickness measurement of plastic films and coatings

One-sided thickness measurement of plastics

In its sensor housing, the combiSENSOR combines two displacement sensors. This unique sensor concept enables one-sided thickness measurement of electrically non-conductive materials on metallic objects. Its field of application is the thickness measurement of plastic film or of plastic coating on metal plates.

The eddy current sensor penetrates the plastic layer and measures the distance to a metallic material underneath it, e.g. a metal plate. The capacitive sensor synchronously detects the distance to the plastic material. The thickness is determined based on the difference of both sensor signals.

The combiSENSOR is connected to the controller via a cable. Operation takes place via a user-friendly web interface for sensor and controller configuration. In addition, the controller offers different calculation functions for both sensor signals.



  1. One-side thickness measurement of plastic films and coated metals
  2. Target thickness: 40μm to max. 6mm
  3. Integrated temperature measurement for output of sensor temperature
  4. Temperature range sensor -10 °C … +85 °C
  5. High accuracy
  6. Ease of use via web interface
  7. Integrated function to determine the permittivity
  8. Analog interfaces, Ethernet, EtherCAT
Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik
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