Light-intensive controller with high measurement speed

Light-intensive controller with high measurement speed
confocalDT IFC2465/66
Light-intensive controller with high measurement speed

The confocalDT 2465 and 2466 confocal controllers are used for fast, high-precision distance and thickness measurements and achieve resolutions in the nanometer range. These multi-peak models simultaneously measure the thickness of up to 5 transparent layers. The controllers are characterized by high luminous intensity combined with a high measuring rate of up to 30 kHz. This enables high signal intensity even on dark or rough surfaces. The fast exposure control perfectly compensates for changing surfaces.

The controllers are available as a single-channel model (IFC2465) or as a dual-channel model (IFC2466). As they are compatible with every IFS sensor, the controllers reliably solve numerous measurements tasks.

Ease of use via web interface

Due to a user-friendly web interface, the entire configuration process is carried out without using any additional software. The web interface can be accessed via Ethernet and provides set up and configuration options. Materials are stored in an expandable materials database.

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