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Synchronization monitoring with draw-wire sensors in telescopic platforms

For electronic synchronization monitoring, a draw-wire sensor is used here. These are easy to integrate, very compact and offer high accuracy in addition to the large measuring range. For displacement measurement, the sensor is mounted on the lowest cylinder tube of the telescopic cylinder with the opening facing downwards. This prevents dirt or liquids from getting into the inside of the sensor. The steel cable with wire extension is guided from the sensor via deflection pulleys into the cylinder tube.

The sensor used is a type WDS-1500-P60-CR-P-M4 draw-wire displacement sensor with robust aluminum housing and a type WE-1500-M4 wire extension with M4 wire connection and 1500 mm wire length. In addition to the sensor used here, Micro-Epsilon provides a large number of other suitable draw-wire sensors for the same or similar applications, such as the MK77/MK60 series with a robust plastic housing.