Displacement detection of hydraulic diving platforms

Draw-wire sensors from Micro-Epsilon ensure that the towers are in the exact position, which is why the height is measured precisely. This is the only way to easily control this between 0.8 m and 3.5 m using a console on the edge of the pool. A wireSENSOR WDS-P115 draw-wire sensor is used on the diving platform, which detects the retraction and extension of the ladder. The current height of the diving tower is determined using these measured values.

The challenge lies in the high humidity, chlorine-containing environment and the high number of work cycles that the sensors must perform. The WDS-P115 industrial draw-wire sensor from Micro-Epsilon was therefore chosen. Due to their large measuring range, the robust aluminum profile housing and durable design with wear-free encoders, these modern industrial sensors deliver precise results even in demanding environments. They are also easy to install. In addition to the standard models, special versions with coated housings and rustproof stainless steel elements are available for extreme environmental conditions such as salt water.

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