optoCONTROL 2700

High-performance micrometers for the highest resolutions

High-performance micrometer for the highest demands

The optoCONTROL 2700 is a compact LED micrometer for the precise measurement of diameter, gap, edge and segment. The micrometer is characterized by its high accuracy with a measuring range of 40 mm. As the controller is integrated in the receiver, the cabling and installation work is reduced to a minimum.

Thanks to the active inclination correction, objects tilted by up to 45° are also detected extremely precisely. The configuration is performed conveniently via the web interface and enables the parameters set up of video signal, filter and different measuring modes. In set-up mode, a shadow image can be used for simple alignment of the measuring object. The excellent price-performance ratio rounds off the service package.



  1. Measuring range: 40 mm
  2. Submicrometer resolution of 10 nm
  3. Linearity ≤ 1 µm
  4. Exposure time: 8.5 µm
  5. Active tilt correction of the measuring object in real time
  6. Angle measurement of the object to the XY plane in the light beam
  7. Six presets for common measurement tasks
  8. Black and white image for easy alignment of the measuring object using scaling
  9. Configurable via web interface
Jonas von Stockhausen
Elise Bosch
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Active tilt correction of the measuring object

The optoCONTROL 2700 detects the exact alignment and angle of the measuring object. Thanks to the integrated evaluation, the measured value is automatically adjusted to the inclination of the measuring object. As a result, the exact measurement value is output. The inclination correction is available for the diameter measuring programs. The detected image can be output via the web interface and checked visually. 

Angle measurement of the object

If objects are not exactly at a 90° angle in the measuring range, the optoCONTROL 2700 can precisely determine and output the inclination up to 45°.

Simple operation via web interface and presets for common applications

The entire configuration of the optoCONTROL 2700 is performed without additional software via an easy-to-use web interface. The web interface is accessed via an Ethernet connection and enables quick and easy setting of e.g. averaging, measuring rate or presets and offers extensive parameterization options for every measurement task. With just one click, the stored presets enable quick and easy parameterization of the sensor specifically for the measurement task.

Black and white image for easy alignment with the measuring object

The exact positioning of the measuring object in the light beam is quick and easy thanks to the set-up mode. The measuring object can be easily set up using the integrated black and white image. This saves the user time and effort when setting up and adjusting the exact position. The mid of the measuring range is shown in both axes by a red line.

Application examples

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