scanCONTROL 30x2

Precise 2D/3D profile measurement

Powerful 2D/3D laser scanners

scanCONTROL 30x2 laser scanners are powerful profile sensors in terms of size, accuracy and measuring rate. These laser scanners provide calibrated 2D profile data with up to approx. 8 million points per second. With a maximum profile frequency of 10 kHz, the scanners are designed for precise profile measurements in dynamic processes. The sensor matrix offers a resolution of 1,024 points with a point distance from 24 µm. This means that even small details can be detected reliably.



  1. Measuring range z-axis up to 600 mm
  2. Measuring range x-axis up to 380 mm
  3. Measurement speed up to 10 kHz
  4. Measuring rate up to approx. 8,000,000 points/sec
  5. Line linearity z-axis from 2 μm
  6. Resolution x-axis up to 1,024 points
  7. Available also with blue laser
  8. Compatible with Cognex VisionPro
  9. Fastest SMART evaluation directly in the sensor: up to 10 kHz
  10. Optimal connection to PLC due to UDP bundling without data loss
Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik
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Large measuring range with 430 and 600 mm

The scanCONTROL 30x2 laser scanners are now also available with a large measuring field of 430 x 390 mm or 600 x 600 mm. This allows large measuring objects to be detected with high accuracy.

Available measuring ranges