Laser scanner for industrial series applications

For measurement tasks with large quantities
scanCONTROL 25xx
For measurement tasks with large quantities

scanCONTROL 25xx laser scanners are designed for industrial measurement tasks. The combination of compact design, versatility and signal stability enables an excellent price/performance ratio, especially for measurement tasks involving large quantities. With three measuring ranges and comprehensive accessories including protective housings, cable types and interface converters, the scanCONTROL 25xx models are ideal for series integration in production lines and machine building.

  • Measuring ranges z-axis up to 265 mm
  • Measuring ranges x-axis up to 143.5 mm
  • Measurement speed 300 Hz
  • Measuring rate 192,000 points/sec
  • Reference resolution z-axis from 2 μm
  • Resolution x-axis up to 640 points
  • High signal stability
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Ideal for series applications
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