Accessories for thermal imaging cameras

thermoIMAGER Zubehör
  • Industrial process interface with 3 analog / alarm outputs, 2 analog inputs, 1 digital input, 3 alarm relays
  • 500 V AC RMS galvanic isolation between TIM camera and process
  • Separate fail-safe relay output
  • TIM hardware with all cable connections and the TIMConnect software are permanently monitored during operation
  • Supports all thermoIMAGER TIM models
  • Supports 120 Hz (TIM 160), up to 80 Hz (TIM 4x0), up to 32 Hz (TIM 640) frame rates
  • TIMConnect software included
  • Monitor via VGA (analog)
  • Integrated watchdog feature
  • Optional: up to 20 m USB cable, high temperature USB cable, extendable up to 100 m Ethernet cable
  • Can be integrated into CoolingJacket Advanced Extended
  • Miniature PC for TIM 160/ 4x0 standalone mode for cable extension
  • Supports 120Hz (TIM 160 up to 70Hz (TIM 4x0) frame rate, 32Hz (TIM 640)
  • Integrated hardware and software watchdog
  • Optional: up to 20m USB cable, high temperature USB cable, extendable up to 100m Ethernet cable (PoE)
  • Ambient operating temperatures up to 315 °C
  • Air/Water cooling with integrated air purging and optional protective windows
  • Modular design for easy fitting of different devices and lenses
  • Easy sensor removal on site due to quick-release chassis
  • Integration of additional components such as the TIM NetBox, USB Server Gigabit and Industrial Process Interface (PIF) can be integrated in the "Extended" version.
  • Protection class IP66
  • Installation of USB Server Gigabit possible for integration into control systems over large outdoor distances
  • Easy cable arrangements and commissioning due to PoE and web interface
  • Remote access to thermal imaging cameras or video pyrometers
  • Two independent USB ports (fully USB 2.0 compatible, supports all USB transfer modes)
  • Power via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or external voltage supply
  • Web interface for set up and configuration
  • Full TCP/IP support incl. routing and DNS
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