MEDAQLib: Micro-Epsilon Data Acquisition MEDAQLib: Micro-Epsilon Data Acquisition Library

The MEDAQLib is a freely available software and driver library (SDK) for fast and easy connection of various Micro-Epsilon sensors to your software. The uniform interface and the examples provided facilitate the programming of data acquisition and digital communication.

The library integrates all supported Micro-Epsilon sensors independent of communication protocols and hardware interfaces.

The MEDAQLib is delivered as a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). Due to its uniform C interface, integration and use in various programming languages is possible, e.g. C#, C++, VisualBasic, LabView, but also Matlab and Python.

Supported sensors

eddyNCDT capaNCDT optoNCDT confocalDT optoNCDT ILR optoCONTROL colorSENSOR colorCONTROL interferoMETER
DT306x DT6120 ILD1220 IFC2421 ILR2250 ODC2520 CFO100 ACS7000 IMS5400
DT307x DT62xx ILD1320 IFC2422   ODC2600 CFO200 MFA IMS5600
KSS64xx DT65xx ILD1420 IFC2465          
    ILD17xx IFC2466          

Your advantages

  • Fast programming due to uniform interface
  • Integration possible for many programming languages
  • Uniform interface/communication for all Micro-Epsilon sensors
  • No knowledge of specific sensor and data protocols necessary
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