Laser scanners enable fast and efficient analyzes of drill core and mineral samples


Laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon are used for the geological analysis of drill core and mineral samples. With its special x-ray analysis equpiment (XRF scanners), the company Cox Analytical Systems relies on the sensor technology provided by the sensor specialist.

Cox offers special X-ray analysis equipment (XRF scanners) for the geological analysis of drill core and mineral samples. These x-ray analysis instruments from Cox Analytical Systems enable sample analyzes for almost all elements of the periodic table in one measurement run. Laser profile scanners of the scanCONTROL series were integrated so that the systems work as quickly and accurately as possible. The EDXRF measuring head (Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence) moves about 1 mm above the sample surface while recording analytical data. In order to scan larger samples in a short time, the head must be moved quickly and safely over the sample surface. The Micro-Epsilon laser profile scanners ensure a small and precise distance from the sample surface. For automatic readjustment and control of the measurement head, the measurement data from the laser scanner is transmitted via Ethernet to the control system of the analyzer.

In addition, these high-precision laser scanners not only provide information about the distance from the sample surface, but also about the surface profile (circular or flat) and the unevenness. This information is also processed in the analyzer and is particularly useful for scanning samples without prior sample preparation.

Micro-Epsilon scanners therefore contribute to reducing tedious laboratory work from several months to a few minutes of scanning time. These compact all-in-one sensors are ideally suited to direct integration.

The sensor works without external controller. In addition, the housing is small, lightweight and has a direct Ethernet output which enables integration in confined spaces. The exposure control ensures stable measurement values on a wide variety of sample surfaces.

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