Inspection of colour codes on treads

Inline inspection of color codes on treads, width measurement included

The system TCC 8303.I marks the running surface which is output after the extruder, inspects the colour lines for their completeness and measures the width of the running strip.


  • Integrated detection of the colour code and width measurement of running strips
  • Detection of missing, wrong or incomplete lines
  • High quality marking due to controlling of horizontal position

Material parameters:

  • Material width to 550mm
  • Material thickness to 50mm
  • Material feed to 30m/min

The integrated system TCC 8303.I has been developed for the inspection of colour codes on running surfaces of tires. The cartridges for the marking are inserted in a holder. A pneumatic height adjustment and a servo controlled horizontal positioning ensure a straight line and optimal position of the code lines. The colour code is immediately inspected by an image processing system.

Special features:

  • Accuracy width measurement 0.2mm
  • Position accuracy of the cartridges: 0.2mm
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